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From the palaces of Udaipur to the beaches of Goa or the resorts of Thailand and the Maldives, Sephi Bergerson is sought after by a diverse and discerning clientele. Recognised widely as the best wedding photographer in India, his award-winning work has been featured in numerous major publications including Rangefinder Magazine, The New York Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, Glamour and many more.

In addition to his extraordinary coverage of luxury weddings, Sephi is a leading commercial and travel photographer, and the author of the book ‘Behind The Indian Veil – A Journey Through Weddings in India‘ that explores the rich and beautiful traditions behind a wide range of Indian weddings.

When you commission Sephi for your wedding he creates the highest quality of work with no compromises. His commitment to outstanding photography and extraordinary customer service is his trademark, and he keeps his passport at the ready for one of a kind adventures and destinations weddings in India and around the world.

To see Sephi’s work we welcome you to explore his galleries and blog posts, and to visit his documentary photography website where you will find numerous examples of his commercial, travel, and fine-art photography.

Whether your wedding is a small family affair in your home town, or at some exotic destination, we would love to hear from you.

“A international master of wedding photography, Sephi Bergerson reveals the beauty of the world around him and captures the true essence of the people and cultures he photographs”. – Blair deLaubenfels – creator of the international wedding blog – Junebug Weddings

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Ranked #1 “INDIA’S Top 10 Wedding Photographers” (2017)
– OneEyland

“World’s Top 10 Wedding Photographers” – Bronze (2017)
– OneEyland

“10 Most Influential People In Photography” (2017)
– Asian Photography Magazine


Jaipur wedding photogrpaher

Sukriti & Pragun

Every now and then you come across a wedding that is just too fantastic to be described in words, and way too elaborate and grand to fit into a normal blog post. Sukriti and Pragun’s wedding in Jaipur was such a wedding, and grand it was. From the very first event in Delhi with the […]

Wedding Photographer Pattaya 03

Meghna & Gaurav

Some weddings are simply an ongoing party that never stops. This was the case with Meghna and Gaurav’s recent wedding in Pattaya. A non-stop party at the really cool Amari Ocean resort. There were a lot of firsts at this wedding for me. The first time in Pattaya, the first time with my new Fuji […]

benny dayal wedding photographer

Benny & Cathy

Singer Benny Dayal and model-actress Catherine Thangam’s wedding in Bangalore was possibly the most down to earth celebrity wedding one can imagine. Not that I covered so many celebrity weddings, but we all have our preconceptions, and so did I. However, I must say I was pleasantly surprised to meet Benny and Cathy, and see how chilled […]

Maldives Wedding 20150926 011

Drina & Mat

I’m not really sure if any of you had ever thought of getting married in the Maldives, but the place does make for the perfect destination for a beach wedding. Scattered like gems across the turquoise Indian Ocean, the Maldives’ tiny coral atolls are some of the world’s most romantic destinations. Beautiful resorts nestle on the […]

663 SILK SB 20170327a

Vidiya & Rezaul

The lavish Muslim wedding of this Bangladeshi couple, took place at the amazing Leela Palace hotel in Udaipur over three days of great celebration. Vidiya and Rezaul have known each other since Vidiya was a young girl in the Bangladesh capital of Dakha. They have lived in the same country on and off, but have also […]

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