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Wedding Photography Workshop Mumbai, India (April 2014)

The wedding photography workshop is now over. I have just got back home after an amazing week in Mumbai with some fantastic people, and WOW that was intense! It is only about twice a year that we manage to put together a workshop and believe me, it is not an easy thing to do. We try to do it at a different city every time and have already had workshops in Bangalore, Goa and Jaipur. I think it is safe to say that this four day workshop in Mumbai, held at the stylish Ministry of New in Parel was our most intensive one till date. Don’t get me wrong, intense, but lots of fun. See for example my Über favourite spot in the room :-)

india wedding photography workshop 01

Wedding Photography Workshop in Mumbai

We have always limited the workshops to a three-day session but started feeling that this time frame might be a bit too short so we decided to try it a bit bigger. A four-day workshop with three photography leaders and not only two as in the past was the next step. Having three photographers would enable the participants to watch how different people work and understand that there is not only one way to shoot. That photography is a very personal medium and one should search for his or her own voice instead of trying to imitate someone else’s style. Andrew Adams and Christophe Viseux who came to India especially for the workshop added a wonderful perspective and lots of insight. It was an absolute treat to have them there.

During the four day workshop all the participants had a chance to go out shooting with all the three leaders to three different shooting locations in Mumbai. It was later great to compare the work we shot and see how different each of us interpreted the locations to create completely different images. Both Andrew and Christophe have also blogged their own experience of the workshop and I recommend that you check out their posts as well.

Here is the post on Christophe Viseux’s website: [Wedding Photo Workshop] Mumbai 2014 And the post on Andrew Adam’s website: Mumbai Wedding Photography Workshop

india wedding photography workshop in Mumbai india wedding photography workshop in Mumbai india wedding photography workshop in Mumbai india wedding photography workshop in Mumbai india wedding photography workshop in Mumbai india wedding photography workshop in Mumbai  india wedding photography workshop in Mumbaiindia wedding photography workshop in Mumbai

We did manage a somewhat proper group shot as well.

india wedding photography workshop in MumbaiAndrew being worshipped.

india wedding photography workshop in mumbai

A special thank you is due to Fujifilm India who gave us cameras and lenses to use during the three day shooting. All of the images seen above, except the group shots, are shot exclusively on Fuji cameras. For those of you who are interested in the technical part; X100s camera and XE-2 body with 35/1.4 and 56/1.2 lenses.

I’m really not sure when the next workshop will be but I sure do hope to see you there. If you wish to be added to our workshop mailing list please drop us a message on the facebook page or just mail us to info[at]

See you soon . . .

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  1. sandeep says:

    hi sephi , we met at vizag sunray resort , i didnt know that u conduct workshop till now when see ur webpage …if u can conduct another workshop than it would be great … i would love to attended ur workshop..and learn to create magic in pics ..
    well waiting for ur workshop.. :)

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Dear Sandeep, thank you for this message. I will add your mail to our mailing list and notify you when a new workshop is scheduled.

  2. Natasha Samant says:

    Just one wedding old, I attended this workshop with an open mind, looking to learn how to improve my techniques, and to understand whether I really was cut out for this. Little did I know I was in for something completely overwhelming! In these 4 days I was given front row seats to view life through the eyes of Sephi, Andrew & Christophe. Their way of looking at things, their inspiration behind each photograph, the techniques they follow to capture the most wonderful moments. It was truly inspirational. Until then photography had been just a passion for me, after this workshop it turned into a passion with a purpose, I was inspired to go out there and give people a glance of the world through my eyes. If I had to choose one take out from this workshop, it would be these inspiring words:

    “We do not see things as they are,
    we see things as we are”

    I want to thank all 3 of you for truly opening my eyes and giving me the confidence to pursue my hobby as a career. The words of wisdom provided at this workshop are sure to stay with me
    forever! =)

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Dearest Natasha, thank you so very much for sharing this. It is this that makes everything worthwhile :) good luck in your new profession. I’m sure you will do great things.

  3. Chetan Mehta says:

    I didn’t want to comment on the workshop immediately after it was over. It’s been over a month now that the workshop is over and as I look back I can say that those 4 days were one of the best invested!

    I have been following Sephi’s work over last few years. I couldn’t attend some of his earlier workshops for some reason or the other. So this time I was excited and was looking forward to the workshop as well as hoping that it meets the expectations!

    The first session, which Sephi started with, took the workshop to a completely different level. Apart from coming across as an experienced and renowned photographer, Sephi to me came across as a spiritual teacher. He stressed on looking within! He asked us to identify how we see the world around us and expressing our statement and own style into our work. One should have their own point of view he said. The first session set the tone for the rest of the workshop as it helped me and others discover ourselves more and how we can use photography to express ourselves.

    To add to this what made the workshop interesting was having opportunity to see the work of two other point of views…that is of Christophe Viseux and Andrew Adams.

    Both had their unique styles and different approach to the same subject. Christophe’s tip of looking for ‘Light, Composition and Moment’ while taking a picture will always stay with me. His style of adopting a very friendly approach with the subjects and also waiting few seconds longer to capture the ‘in between moment’ were important learnings. On the other hand, Andrews style to keep it simple and have a raw and vintage feel to the pictures gave a different perspective.

    My approach to taking pictures as well as editing them has considerably changed post this workshop. I recommend the workshop to anyone who is passionate about photography. Not only you get to learn from the three Gurus, but the workshop also helps you to connect and network with other photographers and make some life long friends! :)

    A Big thank you to all the Gurus as well as friends for making the workshop one of my best memories!!

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      And a big thank you to you for taking the time to write. I am completely overwhelmed by all this wonderful feedback! Thank you!

  4. Rejin Antony says:

    After leaving the military, and deciding to take up photography as a career, I must admit I have attended quite a few workshops to polish my skills, and after most of them (almost 99%), I return home only to tell my wifey, that the only thing i have brought back is a bunch of pictures, (which i aint gonna bother looking at) that I shot during the workshop and did i learn anything ? ……NO
    end up, we decided that we won’t attend anymore workshops.

    So what brought me from Singapore to Mumbai to attend this ??
    cummon.. its Sephi … does anyone need a better reason ??

    I had missed all his previous workshops due to one or the other reason, but as they say, everything happens for a reason – I had the opportunity to attend this with three Shifus !!!

    i have always been a huge fan of Sephi’s documentary work (including his wedding photography), have loved Christophe’s magic which i first saw on WPJA, and the beautiful work by Andrew Adams (which i first came across via Sephi’s blog long time ago)

    I did not want to learn how to take pictures, or what lens to use, or what was the exif for that shot etc etc, i wanted to know how these geniuses think, and whats the thought process behind every picture they make., and this workshop was exactly that… it was about making us think better, it was all about making us better photographers.

    After attending the first day of the workshop, my wifey was waiting for me in our room with this very confusing look in her eyes, she was probably expecting me to say… “WASTED”, but instead she heard “AWESOME !!!! ”

    to sum up the 4 intense days :
    It created a whole new way of how I look at pictures, it generated a whole new way of thought process before every shot… it made me a ‘Better Photographer’.
    and as icing on the cake, i made a lot of new awesome friends too :)

    Thank you Andrew, Christophe and Sephi !!!

    PS: i would love to work you guys someday, I promise i will call you SIR :P

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Thank you for this comment Rejin. It is an honour to be blessed with students like we had in Mumbai. I’m glad I was up to the task.

      Calling me Sir was only a requirement from Parinita who consistently refuse to do so :))

  5. Gregory Kauffmann says:

    I’ve been following the work of Sephi and Christophe independently for a few years now, and when I found out that these two were organizing a workshop together, I said to myself: I have to take part in it!

    So there I was, this crazy guy that came all the way from France to India to attend this Mumbai workshop. I definitely knew it would be worth it.

    And I was right. Sephi possesses an incredible knowledge of the world of photography, and his first 2 hours of speech just blew my mind. He showed everything except wedding photographs, and focused our attention on why we decided to become photographers. Whyyyyyy are we taking pictures? I had a flashback of myself with my very first cheap compact camera and remembered the feeling I got while capturing my first images of people…. at the time, I was not thinking of marketing; all I wanted was to express myself and tell a story. And this what it is all about! As professional photographers, we tend to focus on all the technical and commercial aspects of photography, and we start to lose sight of what made us pursue a career in photography in the first place.

    Reflection was a significant part of this workshop, focusing on learning who you are and what you love to do. It was about trying to find your own way of shooting and your own sensitivities, and how to translate these into photographic expressions.

    This workshop was amazing for a variety of reasons. It is not every day that you find three talented international photographers in the same room, all of whom have won international awards, and have the opportunity to see how they have crafted their work and have developed their own unique shooting style. Sephi, Christophe, and Andrew are excellent teachers who generously shared their knowledge and experiences with insight and skill.

    It was four intense days of learning, questioning myself, learning, more questioning myself, learning, understanding, learning, understanding more… and at the end of the four days I felt like a better photographer without even having to snap a photograph. This workshop was so powerful that I was sad to reach the end.

    In addition to serious work and reflection, these four days were filled with fun and laughing with great friends in a fascinating spot in Bombay. Yes, Sephi has a very good sense of humor. Maybe a bit harsh and direct for Indians, but fun for a Frenchman lol.

    Thank you so much Sephi, Christophe, and Andrew for investing so much energy into this workshop (I can just imagine how tiring these four days were for you). Thank you for being so accessible and humble.

    Hope to see you again somewhere on this amazing planet

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write Greg. I needed to take a couple of breaks while reading it to have “un café sere avec du lait froid a côté” Ze French way you ‘Seve’? :-)) See you around :)

  6. Priyanka Ramani says:

    I had done a professional photography course in 2010 and these three years had been busy studying and of course the hard working internships took all the photography zest away.. I was sitting in a coffee shop one fine day when this photography pamphlet got its attention me. I don’t know what to call it…probably pure destiny!! But in spite of having these numerous courses in photography in my city itself-Ahmedabad!, i somehow went home and googled photography courses in mumbai..!!

    Ok not to sound like my personal biography and more on the course, Mumbai would be the last place for me to go, would like to keep the reasons secret ;). However now that I am back after having done the course, I see everything in different frames. Photography for me was just aperture, shutter speed and iso. But now even my iphone photos make a difference. Just having a mere pencil in your hand and knowing its techniques wouldn’t make you a great writer or an artist. You need some clear aspects in your mind as to what and why you want to write or sketch! This is the gist of this wonderful workshop with Sephi Bergerson, Andrew Adams and Christophe Viseux. Kudos to their styles, dedication and attention to detail. Of course the post production techniques and the detailed camera knowledge added to completion and perfection.

    My eye towards things have changed. I see everything in different frames and now proudly boast the ability to create my own frame in stand still objects. So definitely a thumbs up!

    P.s This course is also helpful not only to those who would take photography as a career but also who would like to pursue it as a passion- my personal experience..!! Xx

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Thank you for taking the time to write your experiences Priyanka. I’m glad you took the decision to come it and I’m even happier that you walked away with some new things to look at and think about

  7. Prasad Jindam says:

    I had heard a lot about this workshop from my sweet wife, who is big fan of your work. My first reaction to her was , “Do you really want me to spend so much?” and in simple words she said “ It’s worth more than what you are paying“ And the first day itself proved her right, I was like holy cow…. This is kick ass.
    Best part about you guys is that you don’t hold back … whether its sharing knowledge or being friends. You showed me and everyone what we are and to cherish it… The words, “you can’t see your story x way, y way or z way.. but u see your story your way” still ring in my ears. And trust me this workshop has given me so much confidence/attitude, that I can shout out loud n say “i love what i do”

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Prasad, it is an honour to have students like you! Thank you for coming and thank you for these wonderful humbling words. All the best to your wife too. It seems she can give good advice ;-)

  8. Anupa Rao says:

    Stumbled upon this as a suggested page, made a skeptical call and experienced the 4 most wonderful days of my life. I never thought I would be able to fit into something this huge and dynamic and wonderful. The first thing that came to my mind was, If I would be able to fit in & understand things, because I am still a newcomer & have a long way to go. After my first telephonic conversation with Sephi and a series of chaotic emails I finally booked my ticket to this wonderful workshop.
    I was mentally prepared to sit alone on the first day and be out of the crowed as I knew everyone who came for this would be well established in their fields of work. The minute the interaction started and Sephi started to talk I knew I wasn’t an outsider anymore. I not only saw some amazing pieces of work but also took home with me wonderful experiences of everyone who spoke, (my favorite among them being the pandit getting hit on the head) a lot of knowledge and some wonderful friends. Sephi, Andrew and Christophe just made the whole journey so easy for me that I did not want this to end.
    All the wonderful food and green tea and tiny chocolates just added up to the beauty and wonderfulness of this journey. In those 4 days it was like one huge family sitting and chit chatting and having a good time and learning. These 4 days will be a part of my fondest memories I know every time I speak about this experience I light up and people know that It was the best experience so far.
    I have taken back so much with me that words aren’t enough to express. This workshop has helped me lift my confidence and see the world in a different way. Thankyou all for being a part of this wonderful journey with me.

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Anupa, thank you so much for sharing your experiences :-) it is this kind of feedback that makes all the hard work worthwhile. I’m so glad you made it and look forward to some wonderful work from you in the near future.

      • Anupa Rao says:

        our group shot is my laptop screen photograph. Need I say more? its one huge big fat Indian Family now :D I know if i ever call anyone for anything I’d get the best advice. This workshop and everything about it makes me very happy.

  9. Hermit Panesar says:

    Sephi you started the workshop saying -” what you will learn here will keep you
    thinking at least for 6 months” & so true that thought was. I have
    been shooting weddings for about a years time but i have started to look at my
    pictures in a very different way after the workshop. I have learnt to celebrate
    myself & my style after the workshop & i would say this is YOUR USP.

    Sephi, Christophe & Andrew you are great teachers who poured their several
    years of experience without holding anything back from us, all my doubts &
    questions were answered. You discussed intense photography & cracked up at
    the same time making the workshop fun & engaging.

    I loved every bit of the workshop including butter chicken, pasta’s, green tea,
    unlimited giggling with the girl gang & sexy you :)

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Hermit, remember that I’m a vegetarian so all I said about six months to digest is limited to those who do not have butter chicken. If you had that you might take longer to digest it all… ;-)

  10. Parinita Salian says:

    Working with you has always been a blessing Sephi. And attending this workshop was a fantastic experience. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. Each of us took so much from the four days. It is still sinking in. There was more than ‘wedding photography’ and ‘photography’ in what you, Christophe and Andrew taught us. It was more about self-discovery. The location shoots, group critique and post-processing sections were my favorite parts of the workshop. Thank you again :)

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Pari, I said that once and I’ll say it again; You are such a darling. The work that you put has really helped so much in making this workshop happen. Thank you for this, and I forgive you for everything else :-))) LOL

  11. Suhitha Shetty says:

    Hey Sephi. You better start planning for the next workshop ASAP. This workshop gave us an insight to who we actually are And what exactly are we aspiring for. All three of you including Andrew and Christophe shared with us all Selflessly all your knowledge and secrets which I deeply appreciate.
    It was a fantastic experience for me to have come in contact with people like yourself and andrew and Christophe who are so talented. Looking forward to more workshops such as this and not to forget the re-union
    Btw Sephi, you aren’t as harsh as you claimed to be. The critique sessions made me nervous and was gearing myself up to witness the “harsh ” side of you. I was pleasantly surprised as well as relieved. You are a sweetheart and a wonderful selfless man. Thanks for sharing the knowledge.
    And the rest of the guys who were there at the workshop, it was fantastic meeting you all. Everyone had enormous amount of talent and passion. We surely did have some great fun !

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Was it really so easy to fool you to think I was nice? :-) Give me some time and you’ll see the ‘dark side of the force’ LOL. But on a more serious note; you showed good work and the critique was honest. Sometimes honest is brutal and sometimes it is just honest :-)

      • Pulkesin K Tiiwary says:

        Sephi is the most amazing guy u can work with. Honest to the point, and great to pull a leg. Don’t get personal with him on Religion. Everything else is cool. Keep your boundaries, know your limits.

        • Sephi Bergerson says:

          Oh why Pulki? Please let’s get personal about religion. One of my favourite subjects :-)

  12. Saurabh Rungta says:

    So what prompted me to do this the second time around ? Yes , you read it right ! I was attending the workshop by Sephi and Christophe, for the second time in as many times it was hosted. That could mean only two things: Either you don’t pick up much the first time around any which ways ;) or that the experience leaves you longing for more !

    The Wedding Photography workshop by Sephi, Christophe and Andrew is special because firstly it under promises and over delivers every single session ! I mean how do you go on to describe such a workshop to lets say a photographer friend, where the mentors are equally interested and enthusiastic in your personal projects as well as your commissioned ones, where the USP is in helping each photographer find his/ her own distinct and signature style, where any particular image being critiqued could take you on a creative journey of understanding both the psychology of the photographer as well as the underlying hidden stories in the image. I guess this is why i returned : to experience the various layers anew !

    The first time I participated in the workshop, all of us had christened Sephi as Spehi baba for the nuances he brings into his lectures very subtly delineating the boundaries of self identity and image making. The thing is : these guys for sure don’t sit on their laurels and accolades passing passive information to the participants. They are constantly on the go innovating , learning from each other and others, experimenting with new styles and yet keeping their signature identity distinct. I have on both occasions found them easily accessible and the photography community that one ends up developing at the end of these workshops are there to stay ( as the Jaipur workshop group and its constant dynamic discussions will testify ). So no wonder its all so overwhelming and needs a revisit every now and then.

    I heartily recommend a healthy dose of Sephi, Christophe and Andrew to all who are uninitiated and are looking for an anchor/ guide in their photographic journey !

  13. Yashovardhan says:

    Most tiring and an Incredible workshop ever … To be very frank i feel emptiness after it all has ended… Learned a lot perspectives ,styles and approach … And more over understanding yourself what you like to do , getting closer to your inner self
    Thank You For conducting such a workshop Sir


    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Thank you Yash. And I hope Parinita is reading this so she could also start calling me Sir ;)

  14. Parvathy Mira says:

    Hey Sephi, Andrew and Christopher,

    A month back I registered for this workshop on wedding photography. I was extremely apprehensive before I signed up and checked with everyone I knew if this was the right one for me. 
    I would say I didn’t get what I paid for…but a far more than what I bargained for. The workshop was a process of discovery for me. For someone who thought that wedding photography was all about shooting the bride, the groom, the relatives and the rituals, the lessons I learnt were about the different elements that can dramatically change your pictures and the way you look at it. 

    What I was humbled by was the fact that the three wise men did not hold back anything from the aspiring students. In a time and age where knowledge is power and everyone with a DSLR is an “accomplished” photographer, this was an eye-opener.

    All in all, three wonderful teachers, four days, 21 students, unlimited green tea and numerous frames and elements…and friends for life.

    These are the memories I carry with me.
    Onwards ahoy, from here on…

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      It was great meeting you Mira, and I look forward to seeing more of that personal project you showed . .
      We will surely meet again some day.

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