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For Wedding Photographers – Post Production 07

We continue with the post production for wedding photographers Tuesday column on it’s seventh edition and back to Udaipur at high noon. It was a Mehendi party at the Guava gardens of the Leela Palace. People were hanging out by the lake  and the sun was high in the sky. I knew I was going to have to deal with the strong contrast and that this would have to be down in post production as I was not walking around with a reflector or using any extra lights. Here is what I did to handle this.

Slider the bar right and left to see the before and after.


The image was shot on Fujifilm XE-1 camera with an XF 35mm/f1.4 lens. Shot at ISO 200, 1/950 sec at f/4. I have since stopped using the XE-1 and am now using the XE-2 instead. As usual, the Lightroom corrections are here as well.

I wanted to reduce the contrast but retain the depth of the colours. Contrast went all the way left to -100, same as the highlights. To keep the blacks I too those down as well to -50. To compensate for the darker image I increased the exposure to +1.20. That’s about it, almost. I needed to open up the faces a bit so dodged it a bit as seen in the image below. Exposure +0.3 / Clarity +25.

Post production for wedding photographers


Exposure +0.3 / Clarity +25

To finish I added a Lens Vignetting (don’t mistake with the Post Crop Vignetting) and slid that down all the way to -100. Here is the image with and without the vignetting.

Slider the bar right and left to see the before and after.



As usual, feel free to ask any question directly or indirectly related to post production and I’ll do my best to answer.

  • Excellent Post. Nice pics.

  • Hi Sephi, always love the work you do, I have a question about post-processing. Can you suggest me in which format I should save the corrected files to use it over the Facebook or website ? As the pics look little blurred while posted on FB and website . Thanks !!

    • Sephi Bergerson

      Hi Chintu, Facebook does make the images look a bit blurred. Your website however should not. I save as JPG at quality 70 and 72dpi, sharpened for screen. Hope this helps.