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For Wedding Photographers – Post Production 05

So here we are again. It is Tuesday and we are doing another, number 5 and counting, of creative post production for wedding photographers. I hope you are following up as the comments part is still very silent.

This week was super busy, as usual. You are viewing this post on the new and revamped wedding photography sub-domain that is now almost complete. We have added the workshops page as well as the book page this week and are very excited about the site’s performance and speed. Please give your feedback about that as well, or if you find any bugs.

The image today is from a wedding in Mumbai. You might say that this woman is strange looking but I like this image. I feel it shows a part of India that we can only see in the metros. The financially affluent Mumbai crowd. Do I need to say more? The wedding was at the Taj Palace hotel in Mumbai and the image was shot at the BEST party / wedding reception I have EVER been to. Seriously. I don’t know who that DJ was but he was delivering some bad arse tracks. Was awesome.

Slider the bar right and left to see the before and after.


post production for wedding photographerspost production for wedding photographers


The image shot on Nikon D700 camera with an AFS 35mm/f1.4 lens. I don’t use the Nikon bodies that much anymore but it is fast and reliable. Shot at ISO 1,100, 1/320 sec at f/2. I am very comfortable going as high as ISO 3,200 and sometime 6,400 with the D700 but it was not necessary here as I was using a hand held LED light in my left hand. I was pointing the LED at the subjects on the dance floor but I find that the colour of the light always looks a bit blue or sometime green rather than good white light. I have by now developed a preset on Lightroom to cover for these situations and call it, of course; Night – LED.

What this preset is about is correcting the colour balance of the light to make it warmer. I do this using the Split Toning mode as you can see in the comparison image below. On the left is the original and the split toning on the right. I add a bit of blue to the tone in the shadows so that it does not look like a warm filter.

The image corrections are here as well. Pushed up the contrast (I like this lately) and reduced the highlights considerably. You can see the effect of this change in the dance floor lights behind the woman. They reduce in size so you might want to brush them back selectively and add highlights there. Some extra touch in the shadows to compensate for loosing the detail in the shadow due to the increase in the contrast.
Clarity was also added. This make the image somewhat sharper or more clear. It is not sharpening but it makes me feel the image jumps out.


Next was selective brushing. I added a bit of clarity here and opened it up a little so the faces look better.

You may add a Vignette or use the Radial Filter (2nd on the right, next to the brush in the top right tab in Develop mode). I used Post Crop Vignette here.



That’s it. I hope you find the process helpful. Let me know if I am unclear or if you need further information about the process.

Please feel free to comment below and ask anything that comes to mind about this picture or any other post production issues you might have.

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  1. Simon Lee says:

    Hi Sephi..
    I tried the split toning using 44 / 268 on some indian wedding pics i recently took and I like what it does to skin tones. Thank you for sharing. Are there any other color combinations which you find works?
    And do u adjust white balance first, prior to split toning, or do u adjust WB & tone collectively?
    Best regards,

  2. shammiulla Sayyed says:

    Hi! Sir,
    I have been trying to edit my RAW photos in light room 5.When I import photo to develop for post process i get grainy image when i zoom in light room itself.whereas JPG image doesn’t become grainy when i zoom.I don’t know how to deal with this.If you can help me it would be great help for me.
    Thank you.

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