Opening Story October 2

The Bride’s Dressing Room – Room With a Few

The bride’s dressing room is one place where excitement and emotions are at their highest. For every bride, the day evokes mixed feelings. There are moments when she feels all alone, despite the melee around her. She’s the star of the day all right, but what would the day be if one did not have friends to share the excitement with! The dressing room is a place that very few people come into. A room that brings some wonderful photo opportunities that are very different than the wedding ceremony itself. These are candid moments, images that bring the day back to life, even days, months and years after the wedding day.

Marie Claire magazine, in it’s opening story of the October 2010 issue now available in the stores, gives us a glimpse into the moments before the bride is led to the sacred space where she will become wife. Fantasy is better than reality, the anticipation of a wedding more delicious than the real deal. It’s the nervous moments in the bridal dressing room that remain priceless long after the bride becomes a wife. (Compiled by Priyamvada Kowshik / Marie Claire Magazine / October 2010)

bridal dressing roombridal dressing room