Aekta & Nitin

“There are photographers like Sephi Bergerson who make the whole process of your wedding magical, make you feel like a prince and princess, as the most beautiful in the world and direct you to these magical moments. Each photograph is a masterpiece for you. Undoubtedly, one of the best and dedicated wedding destination photographers I have come across”

Aekta & NitinAekta Agarwal
Sachi & Vishal

I wanted to say thank you so so so very much for capturing our wedding ever so beautifully! These memories will last a lifetime and everyone who has seen the photos have said nothing but extremely wonderful things. I hope that in the future we will be able to see you again! …We are expecting our first child and is due in a couple of weeks! Perhaps for our children’s wedding, we can have you over!! Once again, thank you very much for the absolutely wonderful memories you have given us. Wishing you all the best and more!

Sachi & VishalSachi Manek
Vaibhav & Shruti

The photos were amazing. I cant thank you enough. Nobody in my family can stop talking about the pictures. They all want “high-res” pics. A phrase most of them were not even aware of till a few months ago. They all seem to have become extremely “Photo-Literate” ever since you showed up blank Client Letters. Every time I am about to visit people they want me to make sure i bring my laptop and pictures on a USB drive. I looked at the pictures on a 46 inch LCD screen. It looked like people would start jumping out. Its like reliving the most important day in my life over and over without the stress blank Client Letters

I cant tell you how grateful I am that you agreed to do this for us even though I couldn’t really afford it. I really hope i can make it all upto you someday. More than the pictures, I feel like thanking you every time I see Shruti looking at the pictures. It makes her so happy. I really do owe you big time. Please do let me know if there is anything I may be able to help you with.

It will probably take me a while to pay off all my wedding debt, but all I have to do now when I am worried is look at the 800 or so wonderful pictures that you shot at our wedding. I hope we were able to do everything to make your time with us bearable.

Not sure if i will see you again (I do have a lot of brothers and sisters who might be getting married sooner rather than later), but it was an absolute pleasure.

Vaibhav & ShrutiVaibhav Kaul
Nilesh & Ronita

“Hi Sephi – Thanks for the Birthday wishes, and for the photo, great present! Just got back to the UK. it was a complete dream – first Incredible India, and then the Maldives! Such a pleasure to meet you, thank you for all you did for us. You are someone at the top of your game, great to see. Some of our family and friends have been asking about you too, saying they thought you were brilliant – the way you were shooting, how you took control, the whole thing. Hope all is well with yourself and your family in Goa, look forward to catching up soon. All the best – Nilesh”

Nilesh & RonitaRonita Patel
Madhu & Mirek

“Hi Sephi, I got the dvd on saturday just like you said, and was actually waiting for the party on the 27th (last weekend) so I  could get the reactions of more of the guests! We all absolutely loved the photos!! The sequence of photos of, for example, Guntur and Saskia were so funny…we were all teasing them about it…haha…the best part is that many of the guests were like wow, when did he take that photo, I didnt even realize that…I’m glad though, because most of the girls are used to giving “photo smiles” as soon as they see a camera pointed at them, so it was cool to see real smiles…amazing shots of me and Mirek during the photoshoot…with the vegetable-seller and on the ducks… haha The wedding shots were superb, and I also loved grandpa’s pics, you can literally see how passionate he was about his speech! I think I could appreciate your photos much more now after receiving photos from all the guests, cos the colors and sharpness makes the photos so much more realistic….so we could re-live the nice moments again 🙂 Thanks Sephi, you really did some magic 😉 Love and hugs, Madhu”

Madhu & MirekMadhuwanti Mulbagal
Varshini & Alex

“Dear Sephi, Alex and I were looking at our wedding pictures again the other day, and it was as though we were actually there, back in time again. We love the pictures, everyone looks so good, and the colours are just amazing. We have two of the pictures up on the wall here in our home in Bombay. We want to thank you for being a part of our wedding (both our weddings, actually), and tell you again how much we appreciate the fact that you could be there. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better. Everyone who saw the pictures were really impressed…we’ve been asked several times who our photographer was 🙂 Some relatives of ours told us you were featured in the Marie Claire magazine, and we bought it to see 🙂 Cheers, Varshini and Alex.”

Varshini & AlexVarshini Neethi Mohan