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Goa Wedding Photography Workshop (August 2012)

The workshop on destination wedding photography in Goa that was in the planning in the last four months is finally over and the level of adrenaline is slowly coming back to normal.  It was a super intensive three-day weekend and it is now time to look back and see what we have achieved.

The participants had arrived on Thursday afternoon and Ayesha and Niju were there to see that everyone checked in comfortably at the lovely Stonewater eco resort on Santrem beach not far from the airport. Everyone had a night to relax before starting on Friday morning. We tried to balance the theory with as much shooting as possible. After an introduction on branding, marketing, pricing, copyright, model release and all this boring stuff we had a break for lunch followed by a talk on destination wedding photography around the world with an amazing slideshow by Christophe. A bus was then waiting for us to take us to the lovely Portuguese quarter of Panaji, the Fontenhias, for a couple shoot. We had two couples, Aekta & Nitin who came down from Bangalore especially for the workshop, and Luuk & Sanne who were traveling in Goa and were happy to come and pose for us. We split the group in two so all the participants will have a chance to shoot with both Christophe Viseux and me. Luuk and Sanne were with me while Aekta and Nitin were with Christophe. I want to kill myself for not really shooting enough that afternoon but it is not easy taking pictures while making sure everyone else is doing so. After the shoot we all went for some street food on Miramar beach which was a huge success.

Goa wedding photography workshopGoa wedding photography workshop

The second day started with another short presentation followed by a group critic session all the way through lunch. The two couples had joined us after lunch and we had a ‘getting ready’ photo session while Ayesha and Niju were working to set up the mock wedding on the beach. We promised monsoon and we got it. Rain clouds started gathering and the afternoon and photo shoot turned out to be a fun-in-the-rain session. The light was a bit challenging in the beginning but became slightly better about an hour after we started. Tired and wet we ended the shoot in early evening and once everyone had a chance to change we moved for dinner and drinks and a low-light photography session that lasted well into the night.

FotoWala_2012_SB21714FotoWala_2012_SB21743FotoWala_2012_SB21753FotoWala_2012_SB21762FotoWala_2012_SB21793Goa wedding photography workshopFotoWala_2012_SB10749FotoWala_2012_SB10772FotoWala_2012_SB10786

By the morning of the third day it was a bit difficult to get out of bed so we started fifteen minuted later than planned. The entire third day was to be on the digital workflow, post production on Lightroom 4 starting with the ‘Library’ module and moving on to ‘Develop’. All the participants were working on their own images while Christophe and I were giving individual attention and guidance on the various features of Lightroom. We had a little break form the screen to take a few pictures of the table set-up that due to the rain had to be done under the roof and not on the beach. We did manage some good shots after all although not exactly as planned. The last two hours gave us an opportunity to review each of the participants portfolios and give some feedback and direction as to how to take it to the next level.


A special thank you must be extended to Niju Mohan and Ayesha Madgavkar who have been working with me in the last few months and were simply amazing. The workshop went completely smooth without any hick-ups, which if you have ever organized something in India you’d know how difficult this could be. You guys are amazing! Thank you very very much!

Thank you to BlackRapid for their support with the sponsored participants and also for sending us some great R-straps. Always a pleasure working with you!

And a thank you to all of you who took the time to come and take part in this workshop with us. It was absolutely wonderful meeting you all. There is tremendous talent here and both Christophe and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to spend some time and learn from all of you.

Goa wedding photography workshop

By Sephi Bergerson
* All the images above where taken during the destination wedding photography workshop in Goa with Sephi Bergerson and Christophe Viseux. Some of the  images shot by the workshop participant’s can be viewed on the workshop gallery on FACEBOOK. I also took some snaps of the people and events. These can be viewed on my FACEBOOK page as well.

Sephi Bergerson is a destination wedding photographer based in Goa and available for beach wedding photography assignments in Goa and worldwide. 

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  1. Chitra Lingam says:

    Hi! I would like to do Wedding Photography workshop.
    Can I get the details related to workshop…
    Thank you

  2. Elizabeth Thomaz says:

    We will be getting married in Goa during monsoon season. I loved your couple shots, specially the one with the wild sea hitting the rocks! Will you be available to shoot in June 2013?

  3. Aekta Aggarwal says:

    Hey Sephi,You know right I am such a big fan of yours and getting clicked by you was so awesome.I keep looking at my pics and just adore them.Thanks for all the love and care.You are truly a charmer.Looking forward to many more shoots :)

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