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For Wedding Photographers – Post Production 04

Time flies and we are already at the forth edition of creative post production for wedding photographers. This post is also the very first post on the new website so I am especially pleased.

I’ve been very busy with the book and also setting up the new website in the last few weeks but am really trying to keep up the regular schedule of this column so that a new image is discussed every Tuesday. I hope you are getting used to it now and that you find the process helpful.

The image we are looking at today is from a Haldi ceremony from Reema and Rahul’s wedding at Samode Palace in Jaipur.  Great place and wonderful wedding indeed. I should actually post the entire wedding but again, schedules and back logs just keep piling up.

Slider the bar right and left to see the before and after.

post production for wedding photographerspost production for wedding photographers


The image shot on Fujifilm XE-1 camera with a 35mm/f1.4 lens. I now use the XE-2 body which is a huge difference in handling and ease from the XE-1, but in terms of the image quality I don’t really see a difference. Settings were ISO 400, 1/100 sec at f/5.6. Very standard. No additional light source was introduced as the event was in the day time. However, the bride was sitting a completely shaded area and the colour temperature was rather cool at 3,950 kelvin. This was the first thing that I knew I was going to change and brought it up to 4,850 kelvin.


I like to get a little extra on the contrast these days so the settings on this image can reflect this. I boost the contrast up (this is actually moderate compared to other images) to +60, reduce the highlights to zero and boost up the shadow area. Seems radical but it looks good eventually.

This did’t fully solve the colour balance of course, so I went into split toning and touched the highlights into a 44 degree core yellow with a bit of 268 blue in the shadows to compensate. A slight post-crop vignetting of -35 helps the image jump out.


Voila. Simple when you know how it is done right?

Please feel free to comment below and ask anything that comes to mind about this picture or any other post production issues you might have.

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  1. Saahil says:

    U r an amazing photographer! would love to learn from you. Thanks for sharing the tips. Look forward to it!

    • Sephi Bergerson says:

      Hi Sahil, please have a look at the workshop page here on the site and consider subscribing. You will be notified when we schedule a new workshop. cheers, Sephi

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