For Wedding Photographers – Post Production 05

o here we are again. It is Tuesday and we are doing another, number 5 and counting, of creative post production for wedding photographers. I hope you are following up as the comments part is still very silent. This week was super busy, as usual. You are viewing this post on the new and revamped wedding […]

For Wedding Photographers – Post Production 03

This is the third post of creative post production for wedding photographers. This time it is an image from a destination wedding in Udaipur. A good example of how an image that is seemingly not good to start with can turn out to be rather fine, albeit rather kitsch I must admit, with some Lightroom attention.

Wedding photography can be a lot more forgiving in terms of the amount of post production we apply to our images than photojournalism will ever be. Yes, we are supported to tell the truth, but no one will be mad at us it we make it more beautiful.

For Wedding Photographers – Post Production 02

Last week I posted a first in a series of posts on creative post production for wedding photographers and I’m happy to continue. I hope that this column grows to become a tool for both inspiration and technical solutions for wedding photographers struggling with Lightroom post production. As I mentioned last week, I will be sharing before […]

For Wedding Photographers – Post Production 01

I’ve been talking a lot about post production in my wedding photography workshops and I’ve noticed that there is a huge misconception about it among photographers in India. So here is something to start your creative juices flowing. My new ‘column’ on post production will be running on this blog every week and will hopefully […]